Tarot is a Divine Sacred Mirror, lovingly look into them for Guidance.

  • Some days you are stuck up with a burning question in your mind & heart.
  • Some days you are unable to decide
  • Some moments you need support for taking the next step
  • Some days you need to breakthrough & push yourself ahead
  • Some days you do not want to be judged
  • Some days your intuition is so strong that doesn’t seem logical
  • Some moments you do not want to show the world you are vulnerable

We all go through this & Tarot Divination is the Miracle answer. Answer to one question may change your life, your relationships, & your career/job/business.

I am an experienced Tarot reader who loves to give you a well-balanced & 360 view of the situation that you’re in.

I am an enabler who helps you take decisions & slowly guides you to self-empowerment. I’ll be thrilled to support you in your life situations, answer your questions, bring you to clarity & make you see the larger picture. Guiding you into taking action, improve efficiency that helps you succeed!

Tarot provides vital Divine Guidance & Advice and unfolds future stories. Everything comes Alive during Live readings.
Welcome aboard to an immersive experience of divination & a new Journey of Decision Making!

  • The session will be 50-60 minutes maximum.
  • For Indians Rs. 5555/- per session, For non-Indians $100 USD
to Book an Online session with Mokshana here.