New Age Spiritual Life Coaching

The concept of Spiritual Intelligence is another form of capital for any individual or organisation – Spiritual Capital. Spiritual Life coaching by Mokshana orients you towards discovering & building your Spiritual Capital.

Keeping in sight the Vedantic Mahavakya “Tat Tvam Asi”, Mokshana propagates the idea of unity of all consciousness. All life forms share the universal spiritual Intelligence which is the central & the most fundamental of all intelligence. Realizing this intelligence propels one to become an enabler & a source of guidance for others. Real & permanent change happens when Spiritual Quotient increases & Spiritual Capital starts building.

Explore the deeper connections between You & the Universe. Gain a new or deeper understanding of the world you live in & the energies that flow within it. Begin your journey to liberate self-trust & compassion.

THIS SELF EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME will help you progress towards attaining greater fulfilment in life. 

  • Balancing material needs with your spiritual goals
  • Identifying & realizing your spiritual goals
  • Anger, Guilt, bitterness of the past
  • Identifying & breaking old brain programs/patterns
  • Performing at your highest potential & finding your best self
  • Release judgments & negativity bias, embrace self-love
  • Understanding your true purpose & goal
  • Uncovering your limiting beliefs & internal blocks to happiness
  • Forgiveness program
  • Learn to trust your intuition / High self
  • Identifying Core Values
  • Navigating difficult life challenges
  • Healing past wounds & traumas
  • Journaling to reframe experiences


1. Spiritual life coaching has 3 levels, each lasting for 30 days.
  • Level I From Confusion to Clarity
  • Level II From Clarity to Certitude
  • Level III From Certitude to Attaining Goals/manifestation

2. One to One Zoom Training sessions, 4 times a month (one each week) per level for meditation/tarot/other modalities
3. Each session lasts around 60 minutes
4. WhatsApp & Phone communication each day for 30 days
5. Contract renewable after each level
6. Weekly Sheets & activities are guided, reviewed, & supervised each day

to Begin your journey with Mokshana