सर्वेशां स्वस्तिर्भवतु । सर्वेशां शान्तिर्भवतु । सर्वेशां पुर्णंभवतु ।

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When the only constant is change, change by choice not by chance. Change for a greater fulfilment, for utilizing your potential, for standing in your own exuberance & make it permanent.

Permanent change truly happens when we understand the spiritual aspects of our life journeys. As we oscillate between our old self & new self on the path to self-actualisation, it is critical to change with a conscious spiritual understanding, so that our Spiritual Capital is permanently enhanced.

Spiritual Life coaching & Sacred Divinations like Tarot, Angel & Crystal healing are designed with the intention to support you for enhancing your spiritual capital & empowering you for lifetime. Mokshana is all about the guidance, pointing to the self-empowerment, hand holding & nudging you softly & firmly while you work on yourself & ascend to a higher plane.

Empower yourself in a way where people are inspired by you, become inspiration for others as you discover your best version.

About Mokshana

A new age Spiritual Coach, Mokshana is a Gifted Empath, a Reiki Master, a Natural Healer, & a Shaman who has been working with both individuals & corporates for the last 25 years. This gives her valuable insights into the difficulties of balancing work, love, health, & the inner self.

Mokshana’s wealth of corporate experience & spiritual depth helps her give advice about your daily life & business so that you can create a life of passion, success & meaning. Her life situations & professional experiences have been invaluable in enabling her to understand human behaviour & people in general. She is of the firm belief that real & permanent change happens when you build up your Emotional Quotient along with your Spiritual Quotient.

The last couple of decades of her life have been dedicated to self-development, enhancing & developing her emotional & spiritual quotient. She has had the privilege of being trained by a Himalayan Yogini & Mystics, global masters & teachers. She has spent a great deal of time in retreats, in energy centres & the Land of Mystics, Rishikesh. In her one-on-one sessions, she has been personally groomed, guided & coached by Maa Gyaan Suveera. She has been attuned for CI plus, Mantras, Akashic records, Aura reading, Gyaan Cowries & many advanced divinations.


Knowledgeable and prompt! Very accurate she has a great sense of reading tarot DEFINITELY recommend. Very sweet and personable!

Shannonmarie332 United States

Great experience! She is kind and understanding, connects with you right away. I definitely will be back!

012m14 Egypt

Mamta is such a wonderful person. Her readings were very insightful and helped me clear a lot of things in life. I'm grateful we got to do this reading.


Amazing Mamta... You are such a wonderful soul, it would be a treasure to get a reading done by you.

Bhawana Dahiya

Excellent work and support, I'll be back for more!!

Thenewyounlp Australia

Wishing you happiness today Mamta Deeply acknowledging you for your contribution be mentoring me in the Cl plus. I have had a profound experience and access in this space. I have moved in my meditational space. It's not explanable in language , however has certainly left me grown to Love always

Chandresh Australia

1 month ago If you would like to advance in your meditation, please take her help. It is important to tune into diving knowledge. Her kind words and peaceful voice will help you grow in your progress. I appreciate the support and look forward to continue working with her!

Sahilreal United States

1 month ago She has an amazing amount of knowledge and experience in meditation. Her divine knowledge is to be used throughout our lives. It is very important to learn from her and evolve. I appreciate our session very much. You will enjoy your time because she has a very calming voice

Sahilreal United States

Mamta has done Tarot sessions for me and the experience has been simply amazing! She has some natural instinct and is a gifted soul indeed. Its mind-blowing to get her read your cards so perfectly providing guidance which helps to find our own satisfying path. A Session with her is like taking a Physchologically healing Therapy too.

Sonali Singh

Amazing Mamta... You are such a wonderful soul, it would be a treasure to get a reading done by you.

Bhawana Dahiya

My daughter had a wonderful experience of Tarot reading with Mamta. We are a witness to the many forecast that her cards told & her guidance to our daughter. Wishing you success in this beautiful endeavour of yours by which you will be healing & transforming many lives.

Vasundhara Razdan

I have had the amazing experience of having Mamta read Tarrot for me. The cards speak to her with an ease and precision which is surreal to say the least. As a hind sight, I now marvel at the accuracy with which the cards unfolded things to come. Mamta transforms into a seer. Transported to other realms, she deftly mediates conversations between the cards and sights of future. I've personally been touched by her gift and wish her all the best in her healing journey.

Manjari Singh

I'm blown away. It was a pleasure talking to Mokshana. She was very insightful and personable.

Yellingscream United States

Great reading, great advice

Julius1980 United States

Thank you very much. She is very intuitive and felt she was able to pick up on my situation

Callisonah United States

First time having a reading and it was the most pleasant ever definitely coming back for spiritual guidance, my mind is at peace Tysm for your services

Aprilgee22 United States

Dear Mamta Mokshana, Cosmic Intelligence Plus is a beautiful and divine Meditation tool you introduced to me, I really want to acknowledge and thank you for teaching me in such a calm way and your dedication towards this Meditation was visible to all. I can see the difference in myself and my approach towards life due to healing quality of this Meditation. It was indeed mystical how it came into my life through you . Immense gratitude and love .God bless you

Shivvani Rawat

Each one of us , in today’s world has some difficult life situation or some struggle in their lives…. denying this would be a lie!! Mamta, is a dear friend of mine, since a decade BUT I only came to know of her MOKSHANA side, when I was in trouble. She held my hand in my difficult life situation & made me sail through it as if I was sailing on clouds. Her spiritual life coaching helped me go through it with a lot of ease and comfort. The lasting change that this coaching has created in me is invaluable. So she proved the proverb: A friend in need is a friend indeed.. true! Thanks for holding my hand and helping me out, when I needed the most . God bless you in your beautiful journey & May you help & heal many more people in this world.

Vasundhara Razdan



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