Self-Empowering Chakra Practice

A Chakra is a Vortex of psychic energy, which can be visualized as circular movement of energy at a particular rate of vibration. Physiologically, charkas are like junctions where the nerves meet & they are situated on the interior walls of the spinal column. They are like poles of electricity through which electrical wires (nerves) run across to supply power at different centres. Through the nerves (nadis), Prana (vital energy) flows forwards & backwards. Once the chakras are aligned, holistic healing allows you to live in an unwavering state of joy.

Keeping in view the goal of self-empowerment, this practice has been designed, so that each one of you can self-align/realign the chakras without going to expensive healers.

  1. In 2 or 4 Empowering Live sessions you will be taken through chakra meditation for healing & balancing your chakras.
  2. Guidance on the relationship of Chakras with emotions & health.
  3. Guidance on how to heal them by daily practices.
  4. Well-being support on message/whatsapp for the first 7 days of the program.
  5. Detailed Write-up material on each Chakra will be shared individually on mail.
to heal your chakras with Mokshana